8 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Have a Website

8 reasons why every small business should have a website

The digital economy is taking over the way business is done. In recent years, online retail sales have increased markedly, outpacing the growth of in-person transactions. But you don’t have to run an e-commerce store to wield the power of the Internet to meet your small business goals.

Companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from having a website. But it’s an especially potent tool for entrepreneurs looking to connect with people and make an impact. 

We’re a team of SEO content writers in Portland with a passion for helping digital marketing agencies and small businesses reach new customers and tell their authentic stories. In this article, we’re breaking down our top 8 reasons why a great website is vital for small businesses.

1. It boosts your brand awareness

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You can think of your business website as a digital brochure. It’s an introduction to your brand, your values, and your products and/or services. Since almost 80% of consumers look into a business’ online presence before visiting a physical location, it’s essential to impress.

You can ensure your website packs a punch by working with a creative marketing agency on web design and hiring skilled writers to create high-quality content to feature on your home and landing pages. At Pitkin Writing & Editing, we partner with digital marketing agencies to deliver content that’s tailored to our clients’ overall brand identities.

2. It gives your small business credibility

Having a physical address can help give your business legitimacy with prospective customers. A well-crafted website has a similar effect. In fact, it’s even more valuable in some industries. For example, home-cleaning service providers or freelance journalists may not need a physical location to gain customers, but they can absolutely benefit from maintaining a professional website.

Features that add to the credibility of a business website include:

  • A professional design
  • Great home and landing page content
  • High-quality photos or videos
  • A business blog
  • Customer testimonials

3. It helps you reach new customers

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Some of your site visitors may hear about your website via word of mouth or print marketing efforts. But with search engine optimization (SEO), you can generate organic web traffic by ranking in Google search results. That means people may come across your website naturally, simply by searching for a product or service like yours.

Once a new person clicks on your website, the content featured there is your pitch to them!

4. It streamlines your customer-service strategy

Building a professional website does more than just get your name out there. It also means that by the time customers walk through your doors or contact you with a question, they already know at least a little bit about how you do business.

Many businesses get calls on a daily basis asking simple questions like “When do you close today?” or “How do I set up a consultation?” Including this kind of information on your website creates a better user experience for your customers. By limiting the number of these calls you receive, you also free up your own time!

5. It’s a catalyst for other marketing efforts

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Your website doesn’t need to replace other types of marketing. There’s still significant value in printing business cards and brochures, attending networking events, posting on social media, and taking out ads. But making a business website can turbocharge the effectiveness of these other traditional marketing strategies

Add your website URL to your business cards, fliers, email signatures, social media posts, and advertisements along with your phone number. By working with marketing professionals who know how to build a business website that drives traffic, leads, and conversions, you can use these other marketing avenues to turn a single click into a loyal customer.

6. It opens up two-way communication with your customers

A website lets your customers learn about you in a simple and convenient way. But it can also give you a chance to get to know them. Here are a few ways to use your business website to generate engagement and gain helpful feedback from site visitors and customers:

  • Add a testimonials page.
  • Enable a comments section on blog posts.
  • Create a contact page.
  • Add a customer feedback form.
  • Embed social media posts to encourage visitors to leave likes and comments.

Two-way communication makes your customers feel like you truly care about their opinions, questions, and concerns. It also gives you information that you can use to improve your processes, products, or services.

7. It removes geographical limitations on small business

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The Internet allows us to connect with people in far off places. While posting fliers and taking out local ads are fantastic ways to get your name out locally, a website allows you to reach people outside of your neighborhood, your city, or even your country. 

Of course, some businesses exclusively serve their local communities. But even these companies can often benefit from a wider scope of influence. For example, a landscaping company in Portland, Oregon may only take jobs in the PDX metro area. But by writing blog posts or site pages about gardening in the Pacific Northwest, they can contribute to a broader narrative and establish themselves as an authority in their industry.

8. It gives you insight into your customers through analytics

Digital marketing analytics is all about measuring, collecting, and analyzing data generated through your digital channels. When people visit your website, they leave digital fingerprints in the form of website data. This data includes important information such as:

  • Which pages are getting the most views
  • How many visitors are new to your site vs returning visitors
  • Which pages visitors are spending the most time on
  • How visitors are interacting with the content on your site

Is there a particular service page getting a lot of attention? Are visitors connecting with your blog posts? This information can then be used to improve your site and its content and further optimize it for your target audience.

Your website is your pitch to customers. Make a good first impression with content writers who care about your brand and vision!

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A slick business website is only as good as the content it features. Too many business websites look sleek and modern but lack the kind of optimized, engaging content that’s needed to truly connect with potential customers. 

At Pitkin Writing & Editing, we partner with digital marketing agencies, small businesses, and others to create compelling narratives. We’ll write a website that doesn’t just get clicks, but also authentically conveys the value that you provide your customers. 

Get in touch with us online to tell us about your content goals and ask any questions you have!

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