Small Businesses Should Hire Freelancers To Do These 5 Jobs

Small businesses should hire freelancers to do these 5 jobs

The way we live and work is evolving. Businesses of all sizes have begun to move away from the traditional 9-5 approach. Increasingly, they’re choosing to hire freelancers and independent contractors. In many cases, small businesses stand to benefit the most from outsourcing certain specialized tasks.

Taking on new full-time employees is a big commitment, especially for startups. Hiring freelancers enables you to access a larger pool of skilled talent without having to pay an ongoing salary, provide benefits and training, and deal with payroll taxes

Freelancers are used to working independently and under quick deadlines, and you can often pay by the project! Here are 5 jobs you should consider hiring a freelancer to do if you’re running a small business.

1. Business plan writing

According to Investopedia, bad business plans are one of the primary reasons that almost 50% of new businesses fail in their first five years. 

A solid business plan acts as a blueprint for a startup, delineating specific goals and outlining exactly how to achieve them. It can also be used to help attract funding. Most entrepreneurs need to apply for loans and/or secure funds from private investors to get their businesses off the ground. Presenting a well-written business plan can make all the difference.

Business plan writing is a one-time job, but it has a major long-term impact. It requires a combination of unique and specialized skills. Unless you anticipate needing a full-time business writer going forward, hiring a freelancer who has the right combination of business know-how and writing prowess is a winning strategy.

A professional business writer or consultant can help you craft a detailed, persuasive plan. They’ll also know exactly how to format your plan in a way that meets investors’ expectations.

2. Graphic design

Freelance graphic designer using computer mouse

From your company’s logo, to product packaging, to your website design, building a cohesive visual brand is essential to success in business.

Hiring a freelance graphic designer is a no-brainer for the majority of startups and small businesses. It allows you to reap the benefits of custom-designed, professional visual branding without the costs associated with a full-time hire. 

Once you find a great freelance graphic designer, you can hire them on an as-needed basis for future projects!

3. Web development

The modern economy is increasingly digital. Building a website is one of the quickest and most effective ways to reach your target customers and make an impact. Whether you’re selling products online, marketing professional services, or advertising an app or platform, creating a well-designed website is a crucial step. 

By outsourcing your web development to a freelancer or agency, you gain access to specialized skills and expertise that will help you build a faster, more intuitive website that optimizes engagement.

Some features of successful business websites include:

  • Streamlined navigation
  • User-friendly menus
  • Effective search functioning 
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Product filtering (for eCommerce businesses)
  • Optimized content
  • Customer reviews or client testimonials

4. Bookkeeping

Freelance bookkeeper using calculator

Every business needs bookkeeping to track financial transactions and maintain up-to-date, accurate records. 

Mid-sized and large companies may benefit from having an in-house bookkeeper or even a full accounting department. But if you mostly need a bookkeeper to consolidate your accounts once a year and keep you on track for tax purposes, a freelancer that charges an hourly rate is the way to go.

For many small business owners, integrating accounting software like QuickBooks Online or Xero is also a worthy investment. Not only do these tools help you track accounts payable and receivable, but they also organize your finances in an intuitive visual format, which can help inform decision making.

5. Copywriting and content marketing

Great freelance copywriters are like chameleons when it comes to written communication. They’re able to understand your company’s vision, message, and branding and articulate them successfully to your target market.

Good writers work in all industries. But unlike journalists and staff writers, freelance SEO copywriters are exposed to a wide range of writing styles, formats, and audiences. They can adapt their voice and tone to match your brand and meet your specific content goals.

Experienced freelance writers can help you craft engaging, informative content that boosts your brand’s exposure and impact in a variety of formats, including:

  • Web pages
  • SEO blogging and articles
  • Social media posts
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters and press releases
  • Reports
  • Reviews
  • Scripts
  • Product descriptions
  • And more!

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